Industrial noise reduction in Sheffield: Large cost savings from specialist noise control solutions

Reducing Noise in a Workshop

Advanced Noise Solutions Ltd provides high-quality industrial noise control in Sheffield. We offer noise solutions that provide exceptionally high noise reduction. They also provide large cost savings compared with other, more common noise suppression products.

Another benefit of our specialist solutions is that they avoid access and visibility restrictions, making it easy for workers to operate machines.

This is not the case with more common solutions such as acoustic covers, hoods, screens and acoustic enclosures, which can reduce the production rate and productivity by making it harder to see and gain access to clear machine blockages.

We have many years’ experience of providing soundproofing / sound attenuation solutions that achieve large cost savings coupled with high noise attenuation.

With a long, proven track record of reducing industrial noise for manufacturing firms, we’re confident we can do the same for you.

An advanced technology noise control solution

Customer comments

Here are a few comments from previous customers:-

  • ‘The best solutions I’ve seen. In a different league’
  • ‘We’re delighted! Your industrial noise solution saved us nearly £33,000’
  • ‘Your industrial noise control accessment saved us wastlng £70,000 on acoustic ceiling panel absorbers that would have provided very little noise reduction’
  • ‘Very competent. Very professional’

Industrial noise solution and fan noise reduction in Sheffield?

With over 35 years’ experience, Advanced Noise Solutions Ltd serves companies primarily in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. One area where we work is Sheffield. It played a crucial role in the industrial revolution and the city is still home to many factories, manufacturing companies, offices, printers, recycling plants, etc.

Whether you’re looking to prevent noise nuisance complaints from nearby residents, reduce the risk of workers suffering noise-induced hearing loss, or achieve a more comfortable and productive working environment, we can find the best possible way to reduce the noise, in terms of cost and sound reduction.

We can also accurately measure and assess the industrial noise in your workplace and assess workers’ noise exposures. Our noise survey and noise risk assessment reports have received many plaudits for their clear and concise content and action plans.

By utilising cutting-edge technology and specialist engineering noise control techniques, our solutions achieve much higher noise reduction than the more common types of solution provided by other noise companies.

Our high performance technology can be applied to all types of industrial machine, fan and blower.

Information on sound dampening to reduce industrial impact noise
Machine Sound Reduction - Factory Noise

Our specialist fan noise control solutions provide exceptionally high sound reduction for firms in Sheffield and throughout the UK.  They usually provide much higher sound attenuation than acoustic enclosures, barriers and silencers. For more details, see reduce fan noise.

So whether you’re looking to suppress noise from industrial machines in your factory, reduce the sound of your boiler rumbling, or eradicate low-frequency noise drones / hums from fans, blowers, burners, dryers, furnaces, etc., we can provide cost-effective, high performance and professional noise control in Sheffield.

Noise Reduction and Control for Bakery Machines
  • Low cost.  Our advanced / engineering noise solutions typically save 85% of the cost of industrial noise reduction enclosures, and 90 – 95% of the cost of fitting acoustic absorber panels to the factory ceiling.
  • Ease of operating machines – no restrictions on access or visibility for operators or maintenance workers.
  • High noise reduction.

Why choose us for noise reduction in Sheffield?

Over the last 35 years we have helped many industrial and commercial companies to reduce noise. If you require fan noise reduction in Sheffield or want to reduce the noise from an industrial machine of any type, we can provide a highly effective solution that costs much less than acoustic enclosures and other widely available noise suppression methods.

We are recognised as leading experts in fan noise control across Sheffield, helping mainly medium and large businesses reduce noise nuisance, eliminate neighbours’ complaints and improve workers’ health and safety.

For help with your noise problem, contact us and we will establish the best possible noise attenuation solution for your workplace that achieves the noise reduction needed at the lowest possible cost.

Machine Sound Reduction - Factory Noise

If you’d like to learn more about us, our noise solutions, or wish to speak with a member of our team about your requirements, please call us on the number below. Alternatively, please send us a message, and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.

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