Noise Training Courses

Please note: We no longer provide training for individuals (sorry) and currently only offer noise courses for companies that want about 10 people to be trained at the same time.

  • ‘So much better than other noise training courses I’ve attended.’
    Health & Safety Officer
Noise training room

The above is typical of the comments we receive on our noise training courses. We specialise in providing professional training to Health & Safety Officers and others on how to measure noise at work and comply with the UK Control of Noise at Work regulations. We focus strongly on making each noise training course very practical and relevant so that delegates learn the information they need quickly and effectively. Each noise training course is presented by a practising professional engineer who has many years experience of carrying out noise surveys, noise at work risk assessments and helping companies comply with the Control of Noise at Work regulations.

A very popular feature of our noise training courses is that they are practical and non academic. All too often, companies attempts at monitoring noise and complying with the Control of Noise at Work regulations fail to achieve the required standard due to lack of knowledge about the practical aspects of noise measurement and implementing the regulations. Our highly practical noise training courses are designed to overcome this, and to help each person become competent in applying each regulation and in carrying out a noise survey and a noise exposure risk assessment.

People who have attended our training courses have been highly complimentary, describing the quality of our noise training as ‘exceptional’. Each noise course is designed to maximise the likelihood of delegates remembering the most important points. This has proved very successful, with delegates remembering our noise training courses for many years.

Noise Training Courses

Delegates have told us that the main reasons that they rate our noise training courses so highly are:-

Quality noise training courses

The course content is easy to understand, in contrast with most noise training courses which contain lots of complicated equations and theory. We cut out all the equations and unnecessary theory. Instead, we concentrate on showing delegates how to apply each Control of Noise at Work regulation in practical terms, how to use a sound level meter correctly when measuring noise, and how to carry out an accurate industrial noise survey and a noise risk assessment. We also show delegates how to avoid the many pitfalls that commonly occur, and which often result in companies failing to measure noise correctly and failing to comply with the UK Control of Noise at Work regulations, usually without even realising!

Every training course contains lots of ‘hands on’ practical exercises. These include various practical noise measurement exercises where delegates use a sound level meter on the course to learn how to carry out an accurate noise survey and noise assessment.

The following are some typical comments from previous course delegates:

  • ‘A complex subject explained in simple, understandable terms.’
  • ‘More understandable and much more practical than any other noise course I’ve attended.’
  • ‘One of the best, most informative noise training courses I’ve been on.’
  • ‘I will be recommending this noise training course to all members of our group.’

Types of Noise Course available

The following are typical of the noise training courses that we offer:

Noise assessment training courses and workshops focusing on monitoring and measurement of noise at work.

The Control of Noise at Work regulations explained and simplified. Includes developing an action plan containing the practical steps needed to comply with the regulations. The course also includes noise measurement, management, monitoring and assessment of noise exposures.

Noise awareness training courses, classes and workshops.

Noise Training Class
We offer various noise training courses and classes.

Competent person training courses designed to achieve the standard of competency required by the UK Control of Noise at Work regulations. The aim of this course is to provide the knowledge and skills needed to be classed as a competent person in applying the regulations and carrying out noise at work risk assessments. The competent person noise course goes into much more detail than the other courses listed above. It covers all aspects of the regulations including determining noise exposures in very difficult measurement and monitoring situations, noise management policy, use of ear protectors, noise awareness training for workers and management, hearing tests, noise reduction, control of sound, noise assessment and measurement in all common types of industrial situation. This course includes an exam and a competent person noise certificate.

We can also tailor a noise course to a company’s specific requirements and present it in-house at the company premises.

Most of our courses include a description of the main noise reduction options that are available, their advantages and disadvantages, guidance on choosing the best noise control option, and how to minimise the cost of noise reduction. This is illustrated by case studies showing a wide variety of noise reduction solutions, including some very low cost types of solution.

Each course includes extensive practical training on industrial noise measurement and how to carry out an accurate noise survey and risk assessment for noise exposure at work. Delegates use a sound level meter to carry out several noise measurement exercises themselves during each course, and they measure the noise of a variety of different industrial sources and industrial situations in order to improve their competency. Delegates have found this practical noise measurement element very useful, and it is a highly popular part of each course.

We restrict the training to small sized classes so that we can give each person individual attention. This is very important, especially when learning about noise measurement and how to use a sound level meter. Each person receives a noise certificate at the end of the training course.

Noise monitoring and measurement training courses

For dates, prices, or more details of our noise training courses, please click on contact us about noise training courses (this is the best way of contacting us and giving us the information we need to be able to respond).

Note that we no longer provide training for individuals, and currently only offer noise courses for companies that want at least 5 to 10 people to be trained at the same time.

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