Noise Measurement

We provide highly accurate and professional surveys, noise assessment and noise measurement services for industrial and manufacturing companies throughout the UK (nationwide). As well as measuring industrial noise in the workplace, we also offer noise survey reports and sound monitoring services to assist with planning applications for commercial companies, planning consultants, architects, etc.

One of our most popular noise measurement services is a noise at work risk assessment / noise exposure survey in a factory or workplace. Another very popular service is providing machine diagnostic noise measurements and surveys to assess which solutions are best for reducing workers’ noise exposures in factories / industry. We also carry out noise surveys to help industrial companies resolve noise nuisance complaints from nearby residents. This includes diagnostic noise surveys to determine which machinery or equipment is causing the noise nuisance. It also includes measuring background noise levels and predicting noise at the nearest houses when a company is planning to install new equipment. More details of our industrial noise assessments and other types of sound survey are given below.

Industrial Noise Survey

Noise at Work Risk Assessment

We have a reputation for providing accurate, thorough and reliable measurements and assessments of workers’ noise exposures. Customers often compliment us on the high quality of our noise at work risk assessments and compare them favourably with other noise surveys they have had previously, some of which do not measure / assess the noise exposure of workers properly, and therefore fail to comply with the HSE Control of Noise at Work Regulations. The Safety Officer at one such industrial company said:

Noise Reduction for Vibratory Feeders
  • ‘The first cheap noise survey carried out by another organisation was a complete waste of money – worse than useless. Your noise assessment was most detailed, thorough and very professional. We have complete confidence in it. Excellent value for money’.
Sander Noise Control

We always use a type 1 sound level meter to measure noise. This is the most accurate type of meter available for measuring noise levels in the workplace. Each of our noise risk assessments is carried out by a highly experienced ‘competent person’ who has extensive experience of a wide range of noise measurement situations, including very difficult ones. This experience extends to measuring noise in many different types of workplace. We carry out noise assessments frequently, so are well practised in sound measurement.

Machine & Fan Noise Reduction Control in Birmingham, West Bromwich, Walsall

Also, we have been measuring sound and carrying out noise assessments and surveys for over 35 years. All these factors ensure that we provide accurate noise measurement results and a consistently high quality service and report for every single noise risk assessment that we carry out. The following statement from a factory manager is typical of the comments we receive from customers of our noise measurement services:

A most detailed and thorough noise assessment.
Very competent. Very professional.

Our company has over 35 years’ experience of sound measurement in the workplace. We have provided noise at work risk assessments to all types of industrial and manufacturing company throughout the UK, including for many of the largest and most well-known companies in the country.

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Noise Control Assessments

Our industrial noise control assessments have saved many companies tens of thousands of pounds when reducing noise at work. This has been achieved by accurately pinpointing the major noise source(s) and assessing a much wider range of noise reduction solutions than usually considered, including solutions that use the latest noise reduction technology to reduce the noise at source at very low cost.

We use sophisticated diagnostic vibration and noise measurement equipment plus narrow band frequency analysis to measure and identify the main noise sources. This is much more accurate than the coarse 1/3 octave frequency noise measurements and analysis used by most other companies. Our diagnostic sound surveys are so accurate that we can pinpoint the main noise sources to individual bearings, gears and fans.

Machine Sound Reduction - Factory Noise

Example: A drink company was considering fitting stainless steel silencers to 3 fans in an attempt to solve an industrial noise nuisance problem. However, our diagnostic noise assessment showed that the nuisance was not caused by the fans, but by a badly worn bearing on a conveyor motor situated outside their factory. So we saved the company wasting £18,000 on stainless steel silencers that would have failed to solve the problem.

Example: An industrial manufacturing company was preparing to fit acoustic absorbent panels on the factory ceiling at a cost of £70,000. Our noise assessment showed that this would have reduced the noise exposure of workers by less than 1/2 dBA!

Our noise reduction assessment identified a much more cost-effective solution: engineering modifications that suppress the impact noise at source. These were adopted by the company and, not only achieved considerably higher noise reduction than the planned acoustic panels (5.5 dBA reduction, to 80 dBA), but cost £63,000 less!

Reducing Noise in a Workshop
Environmental noise consultants

Other types of Noise Survey & Measurements

We provide noise surveys, reports, assessments and noise monitoring for industrial and manufacturing companies that are causing noise nuisance to local residents. This includes companies that are planning to move factories and want to avoid causing a nuisance to local residents once the company has relocated to the new factory.

For this type of project, we measure existing background sound levels at houses close to the new factory plus machine noise levels in the current factory. We then carry out sound tests to assess the noise reduction performance of the new building. By combining all this information, we predict sound levels that are likely at the nearest houses once the machines are installed in the new factory. This enables us to recommend in our report suitable noise reduction measures to be implemented (where necessary) in advance of the move.

Noise Reduction for Skip Company

We carry out a similar noise assessment and prediction exercise where a company is planning to install new equipment or convert a building into industrial use and want to avoid causing noise nuisance to local residents.

For example, we carried out a background noise assessment, measurements and calculations to predict the sound level at the nearest houses from a new compressor house that was planned at a manufacturing facility in a quiet rural area. This showed that the sound insulation provided by the proposed compressor building was adequate.

We also carry out noise monitoring surveys in offices and other premises to assist in planning applications for converting the building into flats or houses.

We provide planning and other types of noise survey, assessment report and prediction for local companies and organisations. For example, we helped a local school obtain planning permission to install a new Astroturf pitch for youth football training on weekday evenings. The local council wanted an assessment of likely noise at the nearest houses to assess whether noise nuisance was likely.

We provided acoustic consultant services to this college

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