Customer Comments

  • “You saved us wasting £70,000 on the acoustic ceiling panels recommended by another company”
  • “Very competent, very professional”
  • “Excellent, professional approach to solving a big noise problem (after we had little success with another noise company)”

Machine Noise Reduction

Our company specialises in machine noise reduction.  We have 38 years’ experience of successfully reducing machine noise in all types of industry and factory – and for all types of equipment and process. 

Our specialist solutions often save £8,000 – £15,000 on the cost of machine noise reduction.  Where there are several machines of the same type in the factory, the savings can be as high as £30,000 – £40,000, or more.

Companies achieve these large cost savings by choosing our solutions instead of more costly alternatives such as an acoustic enclosure, screen, hood or acoustic absorbent panels on the walls or ceiling of the factory.  Our solutions reduce the machine noise at source using advanced technology, engineering or other specialist noise control techniques.  In addition to large cost savings, our “at source” type of solution also provides the major benefit of maintaining access and visibility for operating and maintaining machines.  This is the opposite of an acoustic enclosure which restricts visibility and impedes workers’ access to operate the machine, clear blockages etc. – and can lower productivity / output and increase down time.

Power Press Noise Control

Customer comments

Here are a few comments from industrial customers who have benefited from our specialist machine noise solutions:-

  • “We’re delighted! Your solution saved us nearly £33,000 when reducing the noise from our hammer mills. This very large saving was achieved by choosing your innovative and clever machine noise solution instead of the acoustic enclosures proposed by a different noise company.”
  • “The best solutions I’ve seen – they are in a different league. Neat, compact, clever solutions that are low cost, and provide high noise reduction.” Pharmaceutical Company
  • “We saved £70,000 by choosing your solution instead of the acoustic ceiling panels recommended by a different noise company. Also, your solution provided much higher noise reduction than the acoustic ceiling panels.”
  • “A very professional and very competent noise reduction company.”
An advanced technology noise control solution

How our specialist machine noise control solutions can help you

Our specialist machine noise reduction solutions have solved noise problems for numerous companies over the last 38 years, including for many of the largest and most well-known manufacturing, food, drinks and pharmaceutical companies in the UK. 

To find out how we can help you to reduce machine noise, contact us or ring us on 01727 864667.

Machine Sound Reduction - Factory Noise

More Information on our Machine Noise Solutions

Our machine noise reduction solutions are mainly used to help companies comply with the Control of Noise at Work regulations – for more details see solutions to reduce noise at work.  For examples of the many different types of machine that our solutions have been applied to and the noise reduction achieved see industrial noise reduction examples.

Our solutions also help solve noise nuisance problems.  For details, see industrial noise abatement for nuisance

Fans are the most common type of equipment that cause noise nuisance to residents living near factories etc.  Details of our solutions for fans are given in industrial fan noise reduction solutions.  

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