Fan noise suppression at food manufacturing factory

This is an example where a specialist noise suppression solution was used to reduce the noise nuisance from several axial fans mounted on the roof of a large food factory.

Following noise nuisance complaints from residents living opposite the factory, an industrial food manufacturer asked our specialists for help with noise suppression for their roof extract fans. We carried out tests and provided the company with a solution to reduce the fan noise.

However, we pointed out that solely treating the fans would not be sufficient because several industrial machines inside the factory also produced high levels of noise, and this was transmitted outside to residents’ houses. Noise levels were between 90 dBA and 97 dBA in many production areas inside the factory.

Noise control for axial fans and centrifugal roof extractors

To reduce the noise transmitted to the nearby houses, we recommended that a new industrial steel door be fitted to the outside wall of the factory to provide noise suppression for the industrial machines. We also recommended that various machines be treated at source if a further noise reduction was needed afterwards. A major benefit is that this would provide suppression of workers’ noise exposures as well as reducing noise nuisance.

Following reduction of the fan noise and installation of the new factory door, complaints ceased. However, the company plans to carry out further noise reduction work in future by treating various types of machine in the factory at source, as we recommended.

A solution to control low frequency roof extractor fan noise
Noise reduction for centrifugal extractor fan

More Information on our Specialist Noise Suppression Solutions

Our specialist solutions for suppressing fan noise provide higher noise reduction than other types of noise control solution. They usually provide such a high sound reduction that the fans cannot even be heard at the nearest houses to the factory. This means our specialist noise suppression solutions often solve noise nuisance problems after other noise reduction products have been tried, but not provided enough sound reduction to prevent residents complaining. For more details of our highly successful fan noise solutions, including in food factories, see industrial fan noise suppression.

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