Examples - Industrial Noise Nuisance Solutions

We offer a much wider than normal range of solutions to industrial noise nuisance problems. In addition to common types of industrial noise reduction solution, we also offer a variety of solutions that reduce the noise at source using advanced technology, engineering and other types of noise abatement technique. Although many of these 'at source' types of noise reduction solution are not widely available, they offer large benefits over common types of industrial noise control solution. The benefits include large cost savings and, in many cases, a much higher noise reduction. The cost savings can amount to thousands of pounds.

For more details of the benefits of our industrial noise nuisance solutions, click on Noise Nuisance which includes examples of some highly effective noise abatement solutions and the large cost savings that we often achieve.

There are more examples below illustrating how some of our specialist noise reduction techniques have solved various types of industrial noise nuisance problem. Click on a heading below to see full details of the noise abatement example.

If you are interested in reducing noise exposures of workers in industry, see Industrial Noise Control – Noise at Work 

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