Air conditioner / air condenser noise reduction

Air conditioner, condenser, chiller, dry air cooler equipment and their cooling fans are a common cause of noise nuisance, and a high noise reduction is often needed to resolve the complaints. Our advanced noise solutions often provide a much higher sound reduction than other noise control products so often solve nuisance problems where other methods have failed. Our noise reduction solutions often provide large cost savings too.

Below is an example of the many noise control projects we have carried out on industrial chillers, dry air coolers, air conditioner and condenser equipment and their cooling fans.

Example of noise reduction for dry air cooler

Example of Noise Reduction for Air Conditioning Cooler System

Several air conditioner units were causing noise disturbance in a commercial office. The main problem was a loud low frequency noise drone from the air conditioners. This noise drone was annoying office workers and causing considerable disturbance of concentration. We were asked to provide a solution to reduce the annoyance / noise disturbance from the air conditioners / condensers.

There are 8 air conditioner / condenser units mounted on the external wall of the office. These chiller units provide cooling for the office on the opposite side of the wall and also for a computer data centre. The air conditioner units each contain a cooling fan and a compressor.

We carried out a noise survey and diagnostic noise tests. These showed that the compressors inside the air conditioners were the source of the annoying low frequency drone sound – the main cause of the noise disturbance. Air conditioner fans can also produce a loud low frequency drone, so it is important to carry out diagnostic noise tests to determine the main noise source (compressors or fans). Otherwise, time and money can be wasted on treating the wrong noise source, which is likely to result in little or no noise reduction.

Our solution for the air conditioner noise focussed on treating the compressors at source to reduce the low frequency drone sound. This provided a very high reduction in air conditioner noise, successfully suppressing the drone such that it was no longer caused noise disturbance within the office. In fact, our noise control solution achieved such a high noise reduction that the air conditioner / condenser sound was not even audible in the office afterwards. It had been very loud previously. Not only was our solution highly effective, but the installation cost was very low.

We use techniques to reduce air conditioner noise at source where practicable because this usually provides the highest noise reduction at lowest cost. The reason that the compressor noise drone was no longer audible in the offices afterwards was due to our solution suppressing the sound at source.

Example of sound reduction for air conditioner units at a factory

General comments

In the above example, compressors were the main source of the drone sound that was causing annoyance and noise disturbance. However, sometimes most of the noise is generated not by compressors but by the cooling fans located within the air conditioner / condenser / chiller / dry air cooler units. There are various ways to reduce fan noise – the best being to reduce the sound at source. There are details of our specialist fan noise solutions for reducing the noise at source on silencing fan noise.

The key to finding the most effective and lowest cost solution is to firstly carry out diagnostic noise and vibration measurements to determine the main noise source. The tests must also determine whether the sound is due to vibration from the air conditioning unit, or whether it is airborne, because the solution will be different for each. In either case, we can provide a highly effective solution to suppress and control the air conditioner noise at low installation cost.

Noise reduction example for air conditioner at a food factory
Acoustic solution for office noise

It is often necessary to apply noise control to air conditioner, chiller, air condenser, dry air cooler systems and their cooling fans because they are a very common cause of noise disturbance. As in the above example, the sound can adversely affect office workers. It can also cause noise nuisance for residents living in houses near the factory, laboratory or offices where the air conditioning units are located. There are several different solutions that can be used to reduce the air conditioner noise, ranging from expensive ones to solutions having a very low installation cost. Many companies are unaware of low cost solutions so they propose high cost noise reduction methods. We specialise in providing specialist noise control solutions that have a very low installation cost. So we are often able to save money for our customers when solving their air conditioner noise problems.

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Note: we provide air conditioner / condenser noise control solutions for industrial firms and medium to large commercial companies throughout the UK, but we do not normally work for shops or very small companies.


Our sound solutions have successfully achieved a high noise reduction on numerous air conditioner / condenser, dry air cooler and chiller units and their cooling fans at a wide variety of industrial and commercial companies throughout the UK. There is an example of one of our solutions for reducing chiller noise on noise pollution solution.

Our solutions are also suitable for other types of equipment than air conditioners. For more information on our solutions for noise disturbance problems on other types of industrial machine, equipment, HVAC fans or chiller, see noise nuisance control.

Noise control example for air conditioner at a pharmaceutical factory

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