Noise Cancelling for Industrial Fans

A major benefit of our fan noise cancelling solutions is they usually make the fan so quiet that it can’t be heard at the nearest house. Because they provide exceptionally high noise reduction, our sound cancelling solutions often solve nuisance problems after other companies’ noise control methods have been tried but failed to suppress the annoying noise sufficiently. Another major advantage of our solutions is their large cost savings.

Example: A low frequency drone sound from an industrial extraction fan was causing noise nuisance to residents living near a woodworking factory. The fan, located outside the factory, extracts sawdust from the industrial woodworking machines inside the factory and sends it to a dust collector.

Our noise solution used advanced technology to suppress the noise generating mechanism, cancelling the drone noise at source. This completely eliminated the fan drone, making it inaudible at the nearest houses.

This advanced noise cancelling technique has been used on a very wide variety of industrial fans, successfully cancelling out the fan drone, hum or whine. The human ear is particularly sensitive to such noise features, and they are a common cause of annoyance. So cancelling the hum / whine noise at source is a very effective way to stop noise nuisance and prevent further complaint.

Dust Extractor Fan Noise Control
Reduction in noise for dust extraction fan

In many cases, our noise cancelling technique has succeeded in resolving industrial noise nuisance problems where other types of solution have failed. This is because industrial fan hums and drones are usually at a low frequency and common types of solution such as a silencer, enclosure, screen, barrier, etc. provide little sound reduction at low frequencies. By cancelling the noise generating mechanism at source, our advanced fan noise solution provides a very high noise reduction regardless of frequency. This technique is so effective that it often eliminates the fan drone / hum completely. Usually, our noise cancelling solution makes the fan noise inaudible at the nearest houses to the factory where the fan is located.

For examples where our fan noise cancelling technique has solved industrial noise nuisance problems after other solutions had been tried but failed to provide enough noise reduction, see cancelling fan noise.

Machine Noise Cancelling

A major benefit of our machine noise cancelling solutions is their large cost savings, which can amount to thousands of pounds. They also avoid access restrictions, making it easy for workers to operate and see the machine.

We are often asked about cancelling machine noise. By this people usually mean active noise cancelling, where a loudspeaker is used to generate sound waves that cancel out the machine noise. Active noise cancelling requires a sound wave to be generated that is equal and opposite to that radiated by the machine. To achieve a reduction in noise, the two opposing sound waves have to coincide exactly in time and space. This is not practicable within a factory, which is a large space with a very complex sound field, where multiple sound waves are transmitted from a number of machines simultaneously.

CNC Lathe Noise Reduction

Active noise cancelling works well in a small enclosed space like a fan duct, for example, where it is much easier to align the opposing sound waves precisely. But even then, it is only effective at low frequencies because it is much easier to align the opposing sound waves of low frequency noise. Due to practical constraints, there is usually some misalignment of the sound waves, and even slight misalignment means the higher frequency sound waves don’t cancel each other out fully. So active cancelling machine noise is not practicable in factories.

The best alternative option is to reduce the noise at source. The advantages of this option are described in work-place noise control.

You can see all the alternative options in our guide: how to reduce machine noise in the workplace.

Machine Sound Reduction - Factory Noise

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