Industrial Noise and Vibration Control

Our noise and vibration control solutions often save industrial companies thousands of pounds. They reduce the noise at source using advanced technology and engineering noise and vibration control methods. This means they often provide higher noise reductions at considerably lower cost than other types of solution. This has made our solutions very popular. Consequently, our consultants have helped many UK companies to solve their industrial noise and vibration control problems.

Here is an example of a noise and vibration control solution that our consultants provided to reduce noise in a training centre:-

Vibratory Bowl Feeders

Example of Industrial Noise and Vibration Control for Training Centre

Several compressors located in the centre of a plant room were causing noise nuisance in a nearby training room. Our diagnostic noise and vibration tests showed that most of the noise was structure-borne, caused by vibration transmission from the compressors through the building structure to the training centre.

So, we designed a vibration isolation scheme to reduce the structure-borne noise. This involved selecting a suitable type of anti-vibration mount for the compressors and a number of different types of vibration isolator for the pipes connected to the compressor machines. The type of anti-vibration mount / isolator was chosen specifically to provide a high reduction in vibration at the main noise frequencies causing the annoyance in the training room.

The solution provided a very high level of noise and vibration control. Compressor noise was inaudible in the training room afterwards. The solution reduced vibration within the floor of the compressor house as well as noise transmitted to the training centre. Prior to installation of the noise and vibration control treatment, vibration levels in the compressor house floor were relatively high, causing discomfort to workers.

There are more details and examples of vibration control solutions on how to reduce vibration.

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Noise and Vibration Control Diagnosis

It is common for a noise nuisance problem within a building to be caused by vibration, and to require a noise and vibration control solution of the type illustrated in the above example. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, the nuisance is caused by airborne noise transmission. In such cases, vibration control measures such as anti-vibration mounts will not reduce the noise nuisance. It is very important to carry out accurate diagnostic noise and vibration tests beforehand, to determine whether the cause is vibration or airborne noise. Otherwise considerable time and money can be wasted on treatment that fails to resolve the noise nuisance problem.

Our consultants use sophisticated noise and vibration measuring equipment to assist with accurate diagnosis. This, together with over 35 years’ experience and expertise in diagnosing noise and vibration sources, means we are able to diagnose the main sources and transmission paths very accurately.

It is quite common to find that anti-vibration mounts fitted to machines are inadequate. Normally, an industrial anti-vibration mount is selected using theoretical data only, whereas the vibration reduction achieved is very dependent on the vibration response of the structure that the anti-vibration mount is attached to. Resonances can mean that, in some cases instead of reducing it, the anti-vibration mounts actually increase the vibration level !

By carrying out vibration measurements on both the support structure and the vibration source (industrial machine), together with narrow band frequency analysis, our consultants can determine the optimum noise and vibration control solution, that achieves the highest possible vibration reduction at the frequencies causing the discomfort or noise nuisance.

Fan Noise and Vibration Control

Our noise and vibration control solutions often solve noise problems after other methods and products have been tried, but have not provided enough noise reduction. This is often the case for fan noise nuisance. Our fan noise and vibration control solutions usually provide much higher reduction than other types of solution. This occurs mostly where the cause of the noise nuisance is a low frequency fan hum or drone. Common types of solution provide little noise reduction at low frequencies which is why they often fail to provide enough noise reduction. By suppressing the hum / drone at source, our fan noise and vibration control methods provide a very high noise reduction – of up to 30 dB. For more details, see how to make an industrial fan quiet.

Example of how to attenuate low frequency fan / extractor noise nuisance

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Honed by over 35 years’ experience, our noise and vibration consultants provide outstanding solutions for all types of machine, fan and noisy equipment. Most of our work is for industrial manufacturing companies, but we have also helped many commercial companies such as computer software companies, offices, colleges etc.

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There are more details of our solutions to control noise (where vibration is not necessarily the cause) on sound solutions for machines in industry.

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Note the photos on this page are illustrative only and not related to the industrial noise and vibration control examples described. For details, ask our consultants.

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