Fan Noise Reduction

Cost savings of £10,000 to £127,000 and fan noise reduction of 27 dB

Our specialist fan noise reduction solutions use advanced technology to provide large cost savings and much higher noise reduction than other sound reduction methods.  Their exceptionally high noise reduction means that our solutions often solve sound problems after other fan noise control methods from other companies have been tried, but failed to suppress the sound sufficiently to prevent noise nuisance complaints.  Using quiet fan techniques, our fan noise control solutions usually make the annoying sound so quiet that it is inaudible at the nearest houses.  This type of solution is usually the best way to reduce fan noise.

For help with an industrial fan noise problem, contact us or for our main page showing much more detail and examples of our specialist fan noise reduction solutions, see industrial fan noise reduction. We specialise in reducing the noise for industrial fans, mainly (and sometimes for large or medium sized commercial companies but not for small shops, etc.).

Exhaust Fan Noise Reduction
Reduction in noise for dust extraction fan

How to Make an Industrial Fan Quiet

Usually the best way to make an industrial fan quiet is to fit a solution that uses advanced technology to make the fan silent at the nearest house. Low cost is another major benefit of this type of fan noise solution, in addition to extremely high noise reduction.  This is usually a better solution than fitting a silencer.

There are many different types of silencer, each providing a different fan noise attenuation.  It is very common for companies to fit a standard off-the-shelf silencer only to find that it fails to provide sufficient reduction in fan noise, and this results in wasted time and money.  To avoid this, instead of selecting a silencer at random, it must be selected carefully by matching it to the sound characteristics of the fan (we can advise on suitable types of silencer).

If the nuisance is caused by a low frequency fan hum or drone, fitting a standard silencer can make the hum / drone sound louder, increasing its annoyance! That is because standard silencers provide little noise attenuation at low frequencies, so they usually provide little or no reduction in the fan drone / hum, but a large fall in the remaining fan noise. So the low frequency drone / hum is not suppressed but because the remaining fan noise has been reduced, the drone / hum protrudes further above the surrounding noise than before and therefore sounds louder.

Dust Extractor Fan Noise Control

In such cases, an alternative fan noise reduction technique is needed. One option is to purpose-design a silencer in such a way that it provides a very high reduction in the low frequency hum / drone – there is an example of this noise control method below.

Another way to make an industrial fan quiet is to select a noise solution that uses advanced technology to cancel out the hum / drone at source. This usually avoids the need for a silencer or fitting an acoustic enclosure over the fan casing – i.e. our advanced fan noise cancelling technique is usually sufficient on its own, without needing an attenuator or acoustic enclosure. So this solution can provide large cost savings as well as cancelling out the low frequency drone, making it inaudible. It also has very low flow resistance so has negligible effect of fan performance. This high technology fan noise reduction method is usually the best way to reduce fan noise that is annoying nearby residents. It has proved highly successful in all types of factory and industry.

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There are many more examples of our high technology fan noise cancelling method and our other sound attenuation techniques on fan noise control and attenuation.

Below is an example at a food manufacturing company where our specialist fan noise reduction solution provided a much higher sound attenuation than could have been achieved by a standard noise control silencer.

Case Study: Extractor Fan Noise Reduction Solution

Summary: Our industrial fan sound reduction solution provided 25 dB fall in the hum / drone sound – standard silencers would have provided only 10 dB.

We were asked to provide a fan noise reduction solution after a food factory that makes sweets received complaints of noise disturbance. The cause was a loud “hum” sound that was keeping local residents awake at night. The source was an industrial dust extractor fan that exhausts air through the factory wall.

A very large noise reduction was needed due to night time operation and the fan hum being very loud. A normal off-the-shelf silencer could not provide enough sound attenuation. So our company purpose-designed a high performance silencer especially for this fan. Because the “hum” was the most noticeable and annoying feature of the fan noise, we designed the noise control silencer to provide a very high reduction in the “hum” sound.

The silencer was highly successful, reducing the fan “hum” noise by a massive 25 dB, making it so quiet that it was inaudible at the house nearest to the sweets factory – even at night. This is a much higher noise attenuation than could have been achieved by a standard silencer, which would typically only reduce the noise hum by about 10 dB.

Attenuating sound on this industrial fan, large cyclone and duct
How to suppress exhaust fan noise for extractors at bakery food company

Fan hums, drones and whines are a very common cause of industrial noise nuisance in the UK food industry and in all types of industrial factory. Our purpose-designed industrial silencers can reduce the noise from any type of fan, achieving very high noise attenuation coupled with very low flow resistance.

Low flow resistance is important to avoid impairing fan suction and extraction performance. Our purpose-designed silencer provides a much higher fan noise reduction than a standard silencer – and with negligible flow resistance.

How to get our help with fan noise reduction

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Note: we work on fans at industrial and large commercial companies and do not normally provide fan noise suppression for small premises such as shops, pubs or restaurants.

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Note the photos on this page are illustrative only and not the blower described in this fan noise attenuation / silencer example.

Suppression of noise from industrial dust extract fan

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