Commercial office noise nuisance solution

Acoustic solution for office noise

A commercial building was occupied by a number of different companies. Soon after it moved in, one company issued a formal noise nuisance complaint to the landlord and owner of the commercial building, and asked for a large reduction in the noise level.

The source of the noise nuisance was a Heidelberg printing press that was located on an upstairs floor of the adjoining commercial company. Our tests showed that the cause of the noise nuisance was vibration transmitted through the building structure. We then provided the company with a vibration isolation system for the printing press. This involved fitting a commercial anti-vibration material. The anti-vibration material and its dimensions were carefully selected to maximise the reduction in vibration transmission at the frequencies where most of the office noise was focussed. This solution successfully resolved the noise nuisance problem, achieving a large noise reduction at low cost.

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Note the above photo is illustrative only and does not show the office described in this commercial noise nuisance example.

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