Industrial boiler noise reduction

A low frequency rumble from an industrial boiler was causing noise nuisance and complaint from local residents. Advanced Noise Solutions Ltd was asked to provide a noise reduction solution. Our engineering noise control modifications were applied, and produced a 10 dBA reduction in the boiler rumble noise. This large noise reduction was achieved at very low cost. There have been no complaints about the boiler noise since.

We have reduced low frequency rumbles from many different types of industrial boiler. Using a variety of engineering noise control solutions to suppress the noise at source, we are often able to reduce boiler noise at considerably less cost than more common types of noise control solution. The savings can amount to thousands of pounds.

Because low frequency noise is difficult to suppress using common noise control solutions such as a silencer (their performance is poor at low frequencies), our ‘at source’ engineering types of solution often achieve a much higher noise reduction too.

Noise reduction for a boiler fan

There are more examples of our engineering type of boiler noise control solution on Noise Nuisance.

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Note the above photo is illustrative only and does not show the boiler described in this noise control example.

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