Reduce Noise for Vibratory Bowl Feeder, Linear Vibrating Feeder

Reduce Noise for Vibratory Bowl Feeder, Linear Vibrating Feeder

Our specialist solutions for linear vibrating feeders, conveyors / separators and vibratory bowl feeders provide high noise reduction at much lower cost than other types of noise control solution such as acoustic enclosures and covers.  Also, our solutions don’t restrict access or visibility like enclosures and covers do, making it easier for workers to load product, monitor and clear any blockages.

Example: A pharmaceutical company wanted to reduce the noise from their vibrating bowl feeders. First, they considered fitting acoustic covers / enclosures. They were quoted a total of £50,000 to fit acoustic covers / enclosures over the vibratory bowl feeders on their 5 production lines. The company then asked us if we could provide a lower cost solution. We said yes and provided an engineering noise control solution that cost only £3300, saving the company a massive £46,700. Our solution produced a high noise reduction. It also provided the benefit of unrestricted access and vision into the bowl feeders. Covers and acoustic enclosures would have restricted access and made it difficult for workers to see inside the bowl feeders to check for blockages etc.

Another Bowl Feeder Noise Reduction Example

A company wanted to reduce noise from its vibratory bowl feeders without enclosing them. The metal components inside the vibrating bowl feeders kept jamming and this required frequent operator access to clear the blockage and re-start the flow of components. An acoustic enclosure would have restricted access, slowing down the operator. Fitting acoustic enclosures would also have made it more difficult for operators to spot blockages by preventing them seeing inside the bowls.

We provided an engineering noise control solution that involved installing minor modifications inside the vibrating bowls. So the vibratory bowls were not covered by an enclosure, hood or cover. This meant that access and visibility were not impaired, as would have occurred with an enclosure. One of the vibratory bowl feeders is shown above.

Our solution achieved a large noise reduction of 12 dBA.

While carrying out sound tests to assess the best noise reduction option for the bowl feeders, we identified the root cause of the blockages that kept stopping the product flow. Our solution involved making small modifications inside the vibrating bowl feeders that prevented product blockages occurring. This not only helped to achieve a high noise reduction, but also improved productivity because it freed operators to do other work instead of spending lots of time clearing blockages.

Furthermore, the cost of our engineering solution was much lower than had the company selected acoustic enclosures, hoods or covers to fit over their vibrating bowl feeders.

More Details and Examples of Noise Control Solutions for Bowl Feeders

There are more details of the benefits of our solutions when used to reduce noise for vibrating bowl feeders / vibratory conveyors / equipment and all types of industrial machine on noise control at work.

Our engineering noise solutions can be applied to vibratory deburrers, separators and linear vibrating feeders / conveyors as well as bowl feeders, while providing the same benefits of no access or visibility restrictions, low cost and high noise reduction. You can see examples of our solutions for other vibrating equipment and many other types of industrial machine on vibratory machine noise reduction.

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