Sound Dampening Solutions for Industrial Machines & Fans

Sound Dampening Solutions for Industrial Machines & Fans

Our industrial sound dampening solutions are different. They provide much higher noise reduction and durability than other types of solution. This has made them very popular and they have been successfully applied to most types of factory machine, fan, chute and duct. They are frequently used to reduce noise at work to help companies comply with the Noise at Work Regulations and also to suppress noise that is causing nuisance to nearby residents. Our sound dampening solutions are so effective that they have often resolved noise nuisance problems after other types of treatment and materials had been tried but had not provided enough noise reduction.

Another major benefit of our industrial sound dampening solutions is their low installation cost. Companies can often save thousands of pounds by choosing our solutions instead of other types of noise treatment.

Best Sound Dampening Material & Method

There are various sound dampening materials and methods that can be used to reduce noise. Where impact noise is caused by components falling onto chutes and hoppers, companies often line the impact surfaces with a soft, flexible sound dampening material. This is very effective at first, but the material is often worn away quickly by continuous product impacts, whereupon the loud noise returns. Our sound dampening method is different. It retains the same durability as the original steel chute or hopper, so is not eroded by product impacts – and it provides a high noise reduction.

On industrial machines, it is common for panels and covers to radiate high noise levels. This is caused by vibration generated within the machine, often by the operating mechanism. The vibration is transmitted to the machine panels and covers causing them to vibrate and radiate noise. Sometimes companies try to reduce the noise by adhering a flexible sound dampening material to the panels or covers. This usually provides low noise reduction. The materials and technique that we use provide much higher noise reduction. This is the best sound dampening material / method both for product impacts on chutes and vibration in machine panels / covers, in terms of noise reduction and durability.

Sound Dampening Example

The above photo shows a carrot processing and packing factory where carrot impacts on chutes, panels and plates were the main noise source. These carrot impacts occur throughout the factory, at bagging machines, manual grading chutes, multi-head weighers and packing lines. Carrot impacts produced typical worker noise levels of 87 – 88 dBA on the bagging machines and 90 – 91 dBA at the manual grading chutes. We recommended that our highly durable industrial sound dampening material / method be applied everywhere in the factory where carrot impacts occur. This technique usually reduces impact noise by 8 – 11 dBA, and was able to reduce noise levels below 85 dBA at all the machines and chutes listed above (85 dBA is the upper limit in the Control of Noise at Work regulations).

The installation cost of our sound dampening material / method is low, and considerably lower than the alternative option of encasing the multi-head weighers, bagging and packing machines in acoustic enclosures. Compared with acoustic enclosures, our solution is likely to provide total cost savings in the region of £80,000 for these machines at this factory.

The above photo shows a typical manual grading work-station, with a reject chute immediately in front of each worker and another in the centre between the two carrot conveyors. Workers throw reject carrots into the chutes, causing high levels of impact noise. The photo shows it would not be feasible to fit acoustic enclosures over the manual grading chutes because it would make it impossible for workers to throw carrots into the chute – access would be blocked by the enclosure. Sound dampening treatment is the only option that is practicable for these chutes.

Worker noise levels were higher at the manual grading chutes than at the bagging and packing machines. Also there are a large number of workers at the grading chutes compared with only a few at the bagging and packing machines. So the manual grading chutes are the highest priority for noise reduction treatment. Reducing the noise of carrot impacts on grading chutes would have the most benefit across the entire factory in terms of reducing workers’ noise exposures.

If acoustic enclosures were fitted over the multi-head weighers, packing and bagging machines, not only would they be very expensive but they would also impose access restrictions, which could slow down the workers and make it more difficult to clear blockages. Our industrial sound dampening solutions do not restrict access or impede workers at all. They combine high performance and durability with low cost and no access restrictions.

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Fan Sound Dampening Solutions

Industrial fans and blowers are a common cause of noise nuisance affecting residents living near a factory. Fans often produce a low frequency hum / drone sound. The human ear is particularly sensitive to hums, drones and whines, which means we find these especially annoying and they are often the cause of noise nuisance. We have a specialist sound dampening solution for fans that suppresses the hum, drone or whine at source. This technique provides a very high sound reduction – so high that the hum sound is usually no longer audible at the nearest houses after our fan sound dampening solution has been applied. It usually provides a much higher noise reduction than other types of solution. As a result, our fan sound dampening solution has often solved noise nuisance problems after other methods and products have been tried but haven’t provided enough sound reduction to stop the complaints from local residents.

Our fan sound dampening method has been successfully applied to numerous industrial fans, blowers, chillers, air conditioners, HVAC systems, air handling units (AHU), etc. It has also resolved noise nuisance problems for non-industrial companies, including computer companies, colleges, and other reasonable sized commercial companies. There are more details and examples on extractor fan noise reduction solutions.

Sound Dampening for Best Known Companies

Our sound dampening solutions have such large benefits over other types of noise reduction product that they have helped many of the largest and best known UK manufacturing companies to solve their noise problems. Our solutions have been highly successful on most types of machine and fan and in most industries.

Help with an industrial sound dampening solution

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