Power Press Noise Reduction

Power Press Noise Reduction

Our power press noise reduction solutions often save companies thousands of pounds per machine by providing high sound reduction at considerably lower cost than alternatives such as industrial acoustic enclosures. Our solutions work by suppressing the noise at source using localised engineering modifications. These engineering noise control techniques are very small and compact, so do not restrict visibility or access for operating the press, as occurs with an acoustic enclosure. Our engineering solutions have successfully solved noise problems on numerous types and sizes of power press for many industrial companies throughout the UK. A few examples are given below:

Various power presses including HME, Hare, Cincinnati : 7 – 11 dBA sound reduction achieved using low cost engineering modifications to reduce blanking noise.

HME 75 ton press: sound reduction of 7 dBA using engineering modifications to reduce blanking noise plus highly durable modifications to the rollers to suppress strip impact sound.

SMV 125 ton press: 8 dBA drop in sound with small, local modifications.

AIDA 250 ton, Rhodes 200 ton, Chin Fong 250 ton: 13 – 18 dB reduction in low frequency ringing sound using a high performance engineering noise control technique.

HME 100 ton presses: 9 – 11 dBA fall in sound achieved by engineering modifications to flywheels

Cincinnati four pillar press: 8 dBA reduction

Finn Power turret press: 5 dBA fall in sound with low cost engineering solution.

HME: 19 dBA noise reduction with very low cost engineering modifications.

Bliss 150 ton: 10 dBA noise attenuation achieved with a low cost engineering technique.

Trumpf turret press: 7 dBA drop in noise level by reducing blanking sound

You can see more benefits of our low cost engineering solutions on reduce noise at work.

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