Power Press Noise Control

Power Press Noise Control

A manufacturing company that makes steel pressings for the car industry bought a huge 1000 ton press.  They installed it in a large, metal-clad industrial building and started operating it 24 hours a day.  When they started night time operation, they immediately received noise nuisance complaints from local residents.  A noise survey showed that the press noise exceeded the night time background at the nearest houses by 16 dBA (BS 4142 assessment) and also exceeded the noise planning limit on the site boundary by 14 dBA.

The company obtained a quote for installing an acoustic enclosure around the press.   The quote came to £500,000 (½ million pounds).  The extremely high cost made the company look for alternatives and they found us.  We provided an engineering solution to reduce the press noise at source.  This cost about £5000, so we saved the company £495,000.

Another major benefit of our specialist press noise control solution is that it has no adverse effect on operator access and vision.  Had they installed an acoustic enclosure it would have restricted access to the press and made it harder to see the press, and this could have impaired productivity.

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We have successfully reduced the noise from numerous power presses of all sizes and from all manufacturers, using low cost specialist engineering noise solutions. 

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