Planning Noise Impact Assessment / Survey Report

Planning Noise Impact Assessment / Survey Report

Our consultancy company can carry out a noise impact assessment and provide a report to help achieve planning permission. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality assessment / survey report that is accurate, easy to understand, short, to the point and without unnecessary padding. This contrasts with reports provided by consultants at some other companies – we have seen reports that are overly long, contain much unnecessary detail and are complex, confusing and sometimes inaccurate.

A noise impact assessment report is commonly needed to help obtain planning permission for new housing developments and for other types of development including offices, industrial, commercial, retail and mixed use. We can provide a survey and noise impact assessment for all these situations. We have over 32 years’ experience as noise consultants. Our company is based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, but we provide surveys and noise impact assessments throughout the UK as well as locally.

A noise impact assessment report is usually needed to help achieve planning permission wherever there is potential noise nuisance from sound sources such as industrial equipment / machines, extractor fans, traffic, railways, commercial and leisure activities, etc.

Where it proves necessary to reduce sound levels to achieve planning permission, we can provide a suitable solution. For industrial equipment, machines and fans, we offer some specialist types of noise solution that provide a higher noise reduction than common types of solution, and often at considerably lower cost. However we also provide common types of solution where appropriate, especially for non-industrial noise sources.

Our consultants also provide other types of survey report including a noise assessment to determine workers’ noise exposures to comply with the Control of Noise at Work regulations.

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