Noise Reduction for Bagging Machines and Packing Lines

Noise Reduction for Bagging Machines and Packing Lines

Ten bagging machines in a packing hall were generating noise levels of 88 – 89 dBA.  One noise reduction option was to fit acoustic enclosures.  These would have cost about £70,000 – a large amount of money.  Acoustic enclosures would have made it very difficult for workers to see blockages inside the machines.  And they would have made it more difficult and time consuming to gain access to clear blockages and resolve production problems.  This could have reduced the production rate and productivity.

We carried out diagnostic noise measurements to identify the main noise sources.  Based on this information, we designed small engineering modifications to reduce the bagging machine noise at source.  This meant suppressing various impact and mechanical noise sources.  Our solution reduced the bagging machine noise to 82 – 83 dBA, well below the company’s 85 dBA target.  The total cost was about £8000.  So by choosing our noise solution for the bagging machines instead of acoustic enclosures, the company saved £62,000.

Our noise solution had no effect on operation of the bagging machines and was highly durable.  This contrasts with some other types of soundproofing / noise control materials that wear away over time (whereupon the loud noise returns) and contaminate the product as they erode – which is not acceptable in food industry or pharmaceutical applications.  Our low cost sound solution does not erode at all.

In addition to its large cost saving, our sound reduction solution maintained full visibility into the packing machine and retained the ease of access for clearing blockages and resolving machine stoppages.

Bagging and packing machines are common in industry, especially the food industry.  They are used to pack a wide range of products in plastic bags, ranging from sweets, crisps and nuts to carrots, plastic components and many other products.  The noise generated by the machines can vary considerably with the type of product being bagged.  The sound reduction solution we use to suppress the machine noise also varies with the product and has to be tailored to the product and the main noise sources within the packing machine. 

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We have successfully reduced the noise from numerous types of bagging and packing machine of various sizes and from several manufacturers.  In each case we used specialist low cost engineering noise solutions because of their very low installation cost and because they maintain full visibility and access into the machine. 

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