Noise Reduction for Cyclone Separator and Dust Collector

Noise Reduction for Cyclone and Dust Collector

Industrial cyclone separators, dust collectors and fan driven extraction systems are a common cause of noise nuisance. For this type of equipment, we can provide specialist types of solution that achieve a much higher noise reduction than common solutions, and at much lower cost.

For example, the cyclone and dust extractor system in the above photo were causing noise nuisance to residents in a nearby housing estate. The cyclone is part of a sawdust waste separating system at a woodwork factory. A large fan extracts sawdust from machines in the factory and deposits it into the cyclone separator. The sawdust falls to the bottom of the cyclone and is transported away to a dust collector by a small transfer fan. Air from the large fan is exhausted from the top of the cyclone.

In an attempt to resolve the noise nuisance problem the woodworking company fitted a steel acoustic enclosure over the large main extractor fan then installed a long wooden fence beside the cyclone and extraction system. Complaints continued after these noise abatement measures were installed. So the company asked for our help. Our diagnostic noise survey found that the main source of the nuisance was a loud low frequency hum sound that emanated from the cyclone and dust collector / extraction system. Using advanced technology, we designed a noise control solution to suppress the hum sound. This specialist noise suppression technique was very successful, reducing the low frequency hum by a very large 25 dB and making it inaudible at the housing estate. Noise nuisance complaints ceased immediately.

It is likely that the acoustic enclosure and fence the company tried first had little or no effect on the hum sound level, especially as the hum was at a low frequency where common types of noise solution are ineffective. So had the company selected us to solve the problem at the outset, they could have saved themselves the cost of the noise control enclosure and sound reducing fence (which cost thousands of pounds).

We have carried out many projects where our specialist solutions have successfully managed to reduce cyclone noise and dust collector / extractor fan sound such that it is inaudible to the nearest residents after other noise control methods have been tried but have not provided sufficient noise reduction. There are many examples on industrial extractor fan noise reduction.

In another noise control project, a cyclone separator was generating an extremely loud high frequency whistle. This was highly annoying. We carried out diagnostic tests and a noise survey to identify the root cause of the high pitched whistle. Then we designed a minor engineering modification for the cyclone. This broke up the noise generating mechanism and totally eliminated the whistle sound, achieving a massive 50 dB noise reduction! Another benefit of using our specialist engineering solution to reduce the cyclone sound was that its cost was very low, and considerably less than the alternative of fitting a noise control enclosure. Also, an acoustic enclosure would have provided about 10 dB less reduction in the cyclone whistle noise than our engineering noise solution.

In both the above examples, the noise was generated aerodynamically (i.e. from air flow) by components in the extraction system such as the fan and cyclone separator. Sometimes, the product carried within the extract system generates additional noise. For example where the product is scrap metal or swarf, this can rattle around on the interior of the ducting and cyclone separator, generating high levels of impact noise. Where this occurs, additional sound deadening measures are needed to suppress the impact noise. You can see some details of the best method for reducing impact noise on industrial sound deadening.

For more details of how we reduce noise from a cyclone, dust collector system, extractor fan or other equipment causing noise nuisance, see abatement of noise nuisance.

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