Noise Reduction & Control Company - Midlands UK

Noise Reduction & Control Company – Midlands UK

The above photo shows the wooden noise barrier that a company installed around their smoke scrubber extract fan in an attempt to reduce the noise for nearby residents who were complaining about the sound. The barrier had little or no effect on the noise because complaints continued. At this point we were asked to help. Our advanced technology solution was highly successful, reducing the fan noise such that it was completely inaudible at the nearest house. Noise nuisance complaints ceased immediately.

The smoke scrubber fan was located at a company in the Midlands, UK. We provide noise reduction / sound control and noise mitigation advice to many companies in the East and West Midlands as well as to companies across the whole of the North and South of the UK. We also provide noise survey / risk assessment services to measure workers’ noise exposures. Where there is potential to cause noise nuisance, we offer environmental noise impact assessment surveys, investigations and reports.

The specialist types of solution provided by our noise reduction company to control industrial noise have benefited many companies in the East and West Midlands and in the South and North of the UK – often saving them several thousands of pounds. This is because our specialist noise reduction solutions for industry have very low installation cost, so the overall cost is usually considerably lower than with common types of noise mitigation solution such as acoustic enclosures and acoustic materials applied to the ceiling / walls of the factory.

Our industrial noise reduction solutions also avoid access restrictions, making it easier for workers to operate and maintain the machines. This contrasts with common industrial sound control solutions such as acoustic enclosures, covers and hoods, which all restrict access making it more difficult to operate and see into the machines.

The benefits of low cost and avoidance of access restrictions has made our specialist industrial noise mitigation solutions very popular. As a result our noise control company has supplied these solutions to many companies in the East Midlands, West Midlands and throughout the UK including the North and South of England. There are more details of the benefits of our specialist noise solutions on noise control for workers.

Our noise reduction solutions have been applied to many types of industrial machine and fan. Our specialist noise control solutions usually provide much higher reductions in extractor fan noise than common solutions, so have solved many noise nuisance problems after common noise mitigation methods were unable to provide sufficient sound reduction. Consequently, extractor fan noise reduction is a very popular service that we supply to companies in the West Midlands, East Midlands and throughout the South and North of the UK.

We also provide a full range of noise consultant services, including sound surveys / assessments and prediction of noise in all these areas of the UK. You can see details of our measurement services on noise assessment surveys.

Example: a company who had depots in the North West and South East of the UK (but none in the Midlands) wanted to open a new depot in the South West. However, the building planned for the new South West depot was very close to houses and the company was concerned that their noisy activities such as hammering, grinding and dragging product around the factory by fork lift truck would generate noise nuisance complaints from the neighbours in the adjacent houses.

Our noise consultant went to the North West depot and carried out a noise survey and assessment of the company’s loudest activities. The noise consultant then went to the new building proposed for the South West depot and carried out sound insulation tests on the building. All this information was then used to predict and calculate the noise at the nearest houses.

Our noise consultant found that noise nuisance was likely, so he designed a noise reduction solution to be applied to the building to reduce the sound transmitted to the houses. A high noise reduction was needed. The noise consultant devised high performance soundproofing schemes for the roof, walls, doors and windows of the building to reduce the sound to an acceptable level at the houses. In addition, the noisiest activities such as sledge hammering were located on the East side of the building, which is the opposite side of the building to the houses. The noise consultant also recommended noise control measures to reduce the sound transmitted to houses from fork lift truck manoeuvring and lorry loading activities in the yard outside the factory.

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