Assembly Machine Noise Reduction in Birmingham

Machine & Fan Noise Reduction in Birmingham, West Bromwich, Walsall

Assembly machines were producing high noise levels at a factory in Birmingham. The company considered acoustic enclosures but these were very expensive. So we were asked to help reduce the noise. We carried out diagnostic noise tests to determine the main noise sources out of the many complex mechanisms and pneumatic actuators within the assembly machines. Having identified the main noise sources, we designed small engineering modifications to reduce the noise at source. These modifications were very successful, reducing the assembly machine noise by 6 – 7 dBA, which was sufficient to bring noise levels below the 85 dBA legal limit for noise at work.  The modifications cost only a few hundred pounds per assembly machine. So the company saved thousands of pounds by choosing our engineering solution instead of acoustic enclosures.

We specialise in reducing industrial noise in factories to help companies comply with the Control of Noise at Work regulations. We also specialise in solving noise nuisance problems where nearby residents are complaining about the noise from the factory annoying them or keeping them awake.

We have a range of noise reduction solutions that are not widely available and which provide higher noise reductions at lower cost than commonly available types of solution. When used to reduce workers’ noise exposures in factories, the benefits of our specialist noise solutions include avoiding restricting access to machines and maintaining visibility for machine operators as well as large cost savings.  There are more details of the benefits on how to reduce noise at work. Our noise reduction solutions have successfully suppressed fan and machine noise for numerous companies in Birmingham, Walsall, West Bromwich and throughout the UK. 

When used to reduce noise nuisance, our specialist solutions have a very impressive track record of solving sound problems after noise control methods from other companies have been tried, but failed to provide sufficient noise reduction.  This is because our solutions provide much higher noise reduction than other methods.  This applies to fans, which are a very common cause of noise nuisance affecting local residents, as well as other types of factory machine.

Low frequency noise from fans is a common cause of noise nuisance and is very difficult to suppress using widely available noise suppression products.  This is one area where our specialist solutions excel because they provide considerably higher noise reduction (especially at a low frequency) than other noise control products.  There are details of our high performance solutions on fan noise control solutions. Our specialist sound insulation solutions have successfully reduced fan noise for factories in Birmingham, West Bromwich, Walsall and the rest of the UK.

We have solved noise nuisance problems in all types of factory and industry. For reduction of noise nuisance from industrial machines as well as fans, there are more details on abatement of noise nuisance.

We work throughout the UK but our projects tend to be concentrated more in areas where there is a lot of industry.  This includes areas like Walsall, Birmingham and West Bromwich, and we have provided noise reduction for fans and industrial machines plus building soundproofing solutions for many companies in these areas. 

Our noise solutions can be applied to all types of machine used in industry.  The assembly machine in the above photograph is just one example. Photos on other pages of this website show many more examples of machines that our noise control solutions have successfully been applied to. You can see some more examples on the “all case studies” button at the bottom of this page. This includes examples of our high performance soundproofing for buildings. We have reduced noise for very large, medium and also small manufacturing and industrial companies. Industries that we have provided sound control and noise reduction solutions for in Birmingham, West Bromwich, Walsall and elsewhere in the UK include engineering, food, drinks, manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies.

As well as treating machines we can assist with soundproofing and sound insulation of buildings.  We have provided sound insulation solutions for a range of industrial buildings where very high sound reductions were needed.  In all cases, our solutions have been highly successful, solving the problem and providing very high noise reductions.   

For help to solve a noise problem on a fan or machine or for sound insulation of a building: