Fan noise mitigation

Noise Mitigation

The above photo shows the wooden noise barrier that a company in Milton Keynes installed around their smoke scrubber extract fan in an attempt to reduce the noise for nearby residents who were complaining about the loud sound.  However, the barrier had little or no effect on the noise and complaints continued after the sound barrier was installed.  Then we were asked to help.  Our fan noise mitigation solution used advanced technology to suppress the sound at source.  This was highly successful, reducing the fan noise such that it was completely inaudible at the nearest house.  Complaints stopped immediately. 

It is very common for industrial companies to install a fence or other type of noise barrier around noisy fans only to find the fence / sound barrier fails to provide sufficient noise reduction. Often the barrier / fence provides little or no noise reduction.  Our specialist fan noise mitigation solutions usually provide much higher noise reductions than other types of solution such as sound barriers / fences, acoustic enclosure etc.  Consequently, our specialist solutions have solved many noise nuisance problems after other methods were tried first but failed to provide sufficient noise reduction. This means that extractor fan noise mitigation is a very popular service that we supply to companies throughout the UK (as well as in Milton Keynes!).

You can see more details and examples of our fan noise mitigation solutions on extract fan noise reduction.

The Milton Keynes company use the extraction fan to remove smoke from their fire test chamber. They carry out fire tests to assess flame propagation, heat and smoke release from the product being tested.  The fan extracts smoke from the test chamber and passes it through a scrubber and filter to clean it before the air is exhausted to atmosphere via a tall chimney.

As well as fan noise mitigation, we specialise in reducing noise from industrial machines in factories.  Our specialist industrial noise control solutions have very low installation cost.  This means that companies often save thousands of pounds on machine noise mitigation by choosing our solutions instead of alternatives such as acoustic enclosures, acoustic screens, sound barriers etc.

Our industrial noise mitigation solutions also avoid access restrictions, making it easier for workers to operate and maintain machines. This contrasts with common industrial noise control solutions such as acoustic enclosures, covers and hoods, which all restrict access making it more difficult to operate and see the machines to check whether there are blockages or a fault etc.

The benefits of low cost and avoiding access restrictions has made our specialist industrial noise mitigation solutions very popular. As a result our company has supplied low cost, high performance noise solutions to many companies and factories in Milton Keynes and throughout the UK.  There are more details of the benefits of our specialist noise solutions on noise control for workers.

We also provide a full range of noise consultant services in Milton Keynes and all areas of the UK, including noise surveys and risk assessments to measure workers’ noise exposures, prediction of sound levels, etc.  

Example: a company planned to move into a new factory which was very close to houses. The company was concerned that noise from their factory would cause nuisance complaints from the residents in the adjacent houses. Our noise consultant carried out a noise survey in the current factory then carried out sound insulation tests on the new factory building. This information was then used to predict and calculate the noise at the nearest houses. Our noise consultant found that nuisance was likely, so he designed soundproofing for the new factory building. The solution was highly successful and there were no noise nuisance complaints from the residents once the company moved into the new factory. You can see more details of this example on Midlands noise reduction.

There are more details of our noise consultancy services on noise consultant.

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