Machine Sound Reduction - Factory Noise

Machine Sound Reduction – Factory Noise

An industrial company wanted to reduce noise from its wire making machines to suppress worker noise exposures in order to comply with the Control of noise at work regulations. There were 4 wire making machines and they generated noise levels of 89 – 92 dBA. The company considered fitting acoustic enclosures over the machines but the cost was extremely high. Also, enclosures would have restricted access for operating the machines, making it harder for workers to run the machines. Enclosures would also have reduced machine visibility, making it more difficult for operators to notice machine faults.

We developed machine sound reduction measures that successfully reduced the noise at a fraction of the cost of fitting acoustic enclosures over the machines. We used engineering sound reduction measures that reduced machine noise at source. Firstly, we carried out diagnostic noise and vibration tests to identify the main noise sources and transmission paths within the wire making machines. We then designed sound reduction measures targeted on the main noise sources and transmission paths. It is very important to carry out accurate diagnostic tests first. It is not possible to develop engineering sound reduction measures that will be successful unless this has been done. The diagnostic noise tests also allow us to identify the optimum types of noise treatment and materials plus the optimum locations for the treatment.

The machine sound reduction treatment included installing sound absorbent material and rubber seals in optimum locations within the machines, plus a silencer for the vent and a secondary window pane. These noise reduction measures are likely to reduce the noise below the 85 dBA target.

Our engineering machine sound reduction solutions can be applied to all types of industrial machine and equipment, while providing the same benefits of no access or visibility restrictions, low cost and high noise reduction.

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