Hydraulic Noise Reduction

Hydraulic Noise Reduction

The best type of hydraulic noise reduction solution is one that reduces the sound at source. Companies can save thousands of pounds by choosing this type of noise control solution instead of alternative options such as an acoustic enclosure. The very large cost savings are achieved by applying small engineering modifications to the hydraulic pump, motor, and/or pipes which cancel the noise at source.  Engineering solutions are exceptionally effective, so they usually provide a higher reduction in hydraulic noise than alternatives like a noise control enclosure.

In addition to their low cost, engineering solutions are very small and compact so do not restrict visibility or access for operating the machine as occurs with an acoustic enclosure. 

We provide the engineering type of hydraulic pump noise reduction solution. Our engineering solutions have successfully solved noise problems on numerous types and sizes of hydraulic pump, mixer, press, motor, pipe, system and machine – and for many industrial companies throughout the UK.  Here are a few examples of previous projects where our solutions provided high sound reduction at low cost:-

Hydraulic Mixer Noise Reduction Example

A hydraulic mixer for industrial resins, adhesives and sealants was producing very high noise levels of 97 dBA. The mixer was driven by a large hydraulic pump and motor (shown in the above photo). Our frequency analysis showed that the hydraulic mixer was producing a very loud noise peak of 105 dB at the pumping frequency of 220 Hz. Our solution was to modify the hydraulic pipes. This was highly successful, reducing the noise by 15 – 17 dBA, such that it fell from 97 dBA to 80 – 82 dBA (depending on location). The noise peak at the pumping frequency fell by a massive 30 – 40 dB!  This is a much higher noise reduction than could have been achieved by an acoustic enclosure.

Our engineering hydraulic noise reduction solution reduced the noise to well below the 85 dBA noise at work legal limit, which was the target. And our solution cost considerably less than a noise control enclosure.

Hydraulic Pump Noise Reduction Example

A machine used to mix ink was generating 92 dBA. The machine’s drive system is a hydraulic pump and motor, which were the main noise sources. To reduce the noise, the ink manufacturing company was considering fitting an acoustic enclosure over the entire mixing machine, but were deterred by the very high cost and access restrictions. They contacted us and we provided an engineering solution that was designed to cancel the hydraulic noise at source. This reduced the noise to 83 dBA, well below the 85 dBA noise at work legal limit. It also cost 70% less than a noise control enclosure.

Hydraulic Mixer Noise Control Example

A large hydraulic mixer was causing noise nuisance to nearby residents. The company use the machine to mix the adhesive that they manufacture.  In an attempt to reduce hydraulic noise, the company enclosed the pump in plasterboard and soundproofing insulation material. But this made no difference to the noise and caused the hydraulic motor and pump to overheat. So the company contacted us and asked for our help. Our low cost engineering modifications to the hydraulic system reduced the noise by 10 – 15 dBA. This made the hydraulic mixer inaudible at nearby houses, completely solving the nuisance problem. There were no more complaints from residents afterwards.

The company removed the plasterboard and soundproofing insulation material from around the hydraulic pump, and this resolved the overheating problem without increasing the noise.

How to get our help with hydraulic noise reduction

Our low cost engineering solutions can reduce hydraulic system noise on all types of equipment including pumps, mixers, motors, pipes, presses, etc. Over the last 38 years our solutions have a highly successful track record of providing high sound reductions at low cost. To find out how we can help you reduce hydraulic noise at much lower cost than with an acoustic enclosure, ring us on the ‘phone number below or contact us.

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