Fan Noise Solution - Saved £800,000

Fan Noise Solution – £800,000 Saved

After several nearby residents complained about the noise from a quarry, the company operating the site consulted a noise company.  This company concluded that the rock crusher machines were the likely cause of the noise nuisance.  The noise company recommended fitting soundproofing to the interior of the building containing the 3 large rock crusher machines.  The quarry operator obtained a quote for this.  The cost of soundproofing the crusher building was £800,000 – it is a very large and very tall building.

Due to the extremely high cost of the building soundproofing, the quarry company decided to obtain a second opinion from our specialist noise reduction company. We carried out detailed diagnostic noise measurements.  Our diagnostic noise tests showed that most of the noise was generated by the extract fans that suck dust from the rock crushing machines inside the crusher building then pass it through dust filters before exhausting the air to atmosphere.  Our tests also showed that because the noise from the rock crusher machines was so much lower than the extract fan noise, soundproofing the crusher building would provide no reduction in the noise transmitted to the nearby villages.  So had the company installed this soundproofing, they would have spent £800,000 for no noise reduction benefit. 

Our expertise and diagnostic noise measurements saved the company wasting £800,000. 

Instead of soundproofing the crusher building, the quarry company installed our fan noise solution on the dust extract fans.  This achieved a very high reduction.  The cost of our dust extract fan noise solution was in the region of just 1% of the building soundproofing quote – a 99% cost saving ! 

Our specialist fan noise solutions provide a very high noise reduction without impairing dust extraction performance like some noise solutions do.  We have successfully applied our fan noise solution to numerous industrial fans and blowers. 

We have over 38 years’ experience of providing highly successful industrial fan noise solutions. 

Our highly accurate diagnostic noise expertise has saved numerous companies many thousands of pounds by preventing them from spending large amounts of money on treating the wrong noise source or installing an expensive treatment when there is a much lower cost noise solution. 

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