Conveyor Noise Reduction

Conveyor Noise Reduction

This is an example of one of our conveyor noise reduction solutions being applied in a factory for a manufacturer in the food industry. 

A fan-driven air conveyor, called an “airveyor”, is used to transport empty plastic bottles around the factory of a food product manufacturer.  Air from the fans is directed onto the plastic bottles to blow them along the conveyor.  The above photo shows one of the conveying fans.  Several identical fans are spaced at intervals around each production line.  There are two production lines, each with a different sized fan.  The plastic bottles are made in blow mould machines at the same factory, from where they are transported by the air conveyors (airveyors) to filling machines which fill the plastic bottles with cooking oil. 

A survey found that the 85 dBA legal limit for noise at work was exceeded in many areas of the factory, and high sound levels from the conveying fans (airveyor) were a major contributor.  The food manufacturer sought our help and our noise reduction measures were applied to each of the conveyor fans.  This achieved a 6 dBA noise reduction.  Sound levels fell below the 85 dBA limit, which satisfied the company and met requirements of the Control of Noise at Work regulations.  The actual noise reduction achieved on the conveyor fans was about 9 – 10 dBA, but background sound from nearby production machines limited the reduction in the overall noise level to 6 dBA.

Prior to contacting us, the food manufacturer had obtained a quote for fitting a noise reduction enclosure around the air conveying system on both production lines.  The cost was £130,000.  Our solution cost around £3,000, which was £127,000 less than the acoustic enclosure – saving the company a huge amount of money.

In another project, we achieved a 9 dBA noise reduction on a very large carousel conveyor used to transport components in plastic totes (baskets).  The plastic totes were impacting on stops at the end of each conveying leg.  Our conveyor noise solution was very low cost to install and considerably lower cost than acoustic enclosures – and without the access restrictions of enclosures.

Other examples: belt conveyor noise reduction of 11 dBA; magnetic conveyor sound reduction of 5 dBA – all at low cost using engineering noise solutions.

These are just a few examples.  We have provided fan and conveyor noise reduction solutions to many industrial, manufacturing, food, drinks and pharmaceutical companies throughout the UK.  As well as large cost savings, our sound solutions often provide a higher reduction than other types of solution.  For fan noise reduction, there is more information on fan noise control, which shows lots of examples and illustrates the major benefits of our industrial sound solutions.

The above project is an example where a food manufacturing company saved a large amount of money by choosing our conveyor noise control solution instead of an acoustic enclosure.  As well as large cost savings, our specialist industrial noise solutions provide other benefits. There are more details of our noise solutions and their benefits on sound solutions – industrial.

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