CNC Lathe Noise Reduction

CNC Lathe Noise Reduction

CNC lathes often cause worker noise levels to exceed the 85 dBA legal limit of the noise at work regulations. These machines often produce a loud whine or hum, and this can cause noise nuisance for nearby residents. There are a number of noise reduction options for CNC lathes. The best option in terms of cost and noise reduction is usually to reduce the noise at source.

There are a number of engineering options to reduce CNC machine noise at source. The best option depends on the size and shape of the component being machined, the lathe operating conditions and tool arrangement. So the best noise control solution varies from machine to machine and with different manufacturing companies. To determine the best solution, we carry out detailed diagnostic noise measurements and inspect the CNC machine in detail. Then, based on our 35 years’ experience and expertise of reducing CNC lathe noise, we determine the best sound reduction option.

Below are some examples taken from our previous projects:

CNC lathe noise control for workers

We used an engineering soundproofing solution to suppress the CNC machine whine sound. This reduced the whine by 8 dB on one machine and 13 dB on another. This, together with some other small noise control modifications, reduced workers’ noise to 83 dBA.

Lathe Soundproofing Example

Our specialist solution provided 7 – 8 dBA noise reduction on several lathes using high performance sound deadening treatment. This reduced worker noise levels below 85 dBA.

Example: Control Noise Nuisance from CNC Lathe Hum

Residents living opposite the factory complained about the hum sound from 12 CNC lathe machines. Our noise survey found that the daytime noise at the houses with all the CNC lathes running was 55 dBA, compared to 39 dBA background sound with all the lathes switched off. So the lathes were increasing the background sound by 16 dBA. A BS4142 assessment indicated that a 6 dBA penalty should be applied due to the annoying hum sound being very prominent at the houses. So under a BS4142 assessment, the CNC machine noise rating exceeded the background noise by 22 dBA. Environmental Health Officers generally consider there to be a statutory nuisance, justifying the issuing of a Noise Abatement Notice, when the machine noise rating exceeds the background sound by 10 dBA or more.

Our sound tests showed that closing the factory roller shutter doors that face the houses would reduce the noise by 10 dBA – a very low cost soundproofing solution! Suppressing the hum sound at source using our engineering noise control solution was able to reduce the whine by an additional 10 – 20 dBA. So a combination of these two lathe soundproofing measures made the CNC machine hum inaudible at the houses.

Example: CNC Lathe Noise Reduction

We achieved 8 – 10 dBA noise reduction on CNC lathes using an engineering sound reduction solution and soundproofing that was very low cost to install. This reduced workers’ noise to 76 – 78 dBA.

How to find Help to Reduce CNC Lathe Noise

We have over 35 years’ experience of CNC lathe noise reduction and have successfully reduced the noise on numerous industrial lathes and CNC machines of all types. To find out how we can help suppress and reduce CNC lathe noise in your factory, ring the number below or contact us.

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