Chiller Noise Reduction

Chiller Noise Reduction

This is an example of one of our chiller noise reduction projects:

A company bought a large industrial chiller and mounted it on the roof of a very high building at their factory.  The chiller was used to cool their food product and operated 24 hours a day.  It was very large, measuring around 12 metres long, 2.5 metres high, and had about 20 cooling fans on top of the unit. 

Soon after installation, nearby residents complained about the chiller noise, saying it was waking them at night due to its loud and highly annoying whine sound.  The food company asked the chiller manufacturer for a noise control solution.  The manufacturer offered to sell them an acoustic enclosure, costing about £80,000, that would enclose the entire chiller.  Shocked at the high cost, the food company contacted us and asked if we could provide a lower cost solution.  We replied “of course!”

We carried out detailed diagnostic noise and vibration tests.  These showed that it was not necessary to enclose the entire chiller.  Our solution was to fit specialist noise reduction material to some of the chiller components.  This was highly successful, achieving a chiller noise reduction of around 20 dB – a very high sound attenuation.  This made the chiller inaudible at the nearest houses.  There were no more complaints about the chiller noise after our solution was installed.  Our solution cost about £9,000 in total.  So the food company saved about £71,000 by choosing our solution instead of the manufacturer’s acoustic enclosure option.

How to get our help with chiller noise reduction

We have successfully reduced the noise from numerous industrial chillers, coolers, fans, air conditioners, etc. using specialist solutions having low installation cost and high sound reduction.  Our chiller noise control solutions have often solved nuisance problems after other methods have been tried but failed to provide enough sound reduction.  And they provide large cost savings compared with other types of chiller noise solution.

To find out how we can help you save thousands of pounds on chiller noise reduction, ring us on the ‘phone number below or contact us.

Note that we only provide noise control solutions for large chillers installed at industrial companies.  We are not able to help with small chillers, air conditioners etc. at shops, cafes, etc. So please only contact us if you want a chiller noise control solution for an industrial size / type of cooling unit.

Industrial chillers are a common cause of noise nuisance for people living near factories.  Food manufacturers are a major user of industrial chillers.  

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