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Acoustic Enclosure

Companies often save about 85% – 90% of the cost of industrial noise reduction by choosing an “at source” noise solution instead of an acoustic enclosure. 

Solutions that reduce the noise at source cost considerably less than an acoustic enclosure so often save companies thousands of pounds on industrial noise reduction.  “At source” solutions also avoid the access and visibility restrictions imposed by an acoustic enclosure.  By restricting access and visibility, machine enclosures can slow down operators and reduce the production rate and productivity.  This also increases machine down time for maintenance when the acoustic enclosure has to be dismantled to provide access for the maintenance work.

Here are some examples of projects where companies benefited from large cost savings by choosing to reduce the noise at source using our solutions instead of fitting noise enclosures over their machines:-

Acoustic Enclosure Examples

Example:  A company received a quote for £50,000 to fit acoustic enclosures over the vibratory bowl feeders on 5 production lines.  Instead they chose our engineering solution that reduced the noise at source.  Our solution cost only £3300, saving the company £46,700.  It also achieved a higher noise reduction than an acoustic enclosure.  Furthermore, it avoided the visibility restrictions of a noise enclosure, making it easier for operators to see when components in the vibratory bowls are running low and when blockages occur.

Example:  A company in the food industry received a quote for £130,000 to fit acoustic enclosures over an air conveyor system that uses fans to transport plastic bottles around the factory.  Instead they chose our solution, which reduced the noise at source by treating each fan.  This provided a noise reduction of  9 – 10 dBA and achieved the company’s target of below 85 dBA throughout the factory.  Our solution cost only £3,000, saving the food company £127,000.

Example: A company considered fitting noise enclosures to 5 small presses but were deterred by the high cost of £20,000.  Instead they chose our engineering solution that reduced the press noise at source.  The cost of our solution was only £3000, saving the company £17,000.  It reduced the press noise by 7 – 11 dBA.  On large presses our engineering noise solutions can provide savings of about £8000 per machine.

We provide a wide range of solutions that reduce the noise at source at low cost.  With over 35 years’ experience of suppressing industrial noise we have successfully reduced the noise of all types of machine in all types of industry. 

Fan Acoustic Enclosure

Companies often spend thousands of pounds fitting an acoustic enclosure over a fan only to find it provides no noise reduction.  Here’s an example of one of our projects where this happened and where our solution provided a very high noise reduction at a fraction of the cost of the fan acoustic enclosure:

When a company installed two new dust extract fans outside their factory, nearby residents immediately complained about the noise.  The company fitted acoustic enclosures over the two fans at a cost of £10,000.  Complaints continued.  Then the company asked us to reduce the noise.  By suppressing the fan noise at source, our solution provided such a large noise reduction that the fans could no longer be heard at the nearest house.  Complaints stopped immediately.  Our solution cost less than a third of the fan acoustic enclosures that had failed to resolve the noise nuisance problem.    

The photograph above shows another of our projects where an acoustic enclosure was fitted over a fan but did not reduce the noise at the nearest houses.  Our specialist expertise was sought and our solution made the fan inaudible at the houses and quickly solved the noise nuisance problem.

For details of our highly effective, low cost fan noise solutions that avoid the need for acoustic enclosures, see fan noise reduction.

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Customer Comment

Customers often compliment us on the benefits of our specialist noise solutions.  For example, after we helped a large industrial company to reduce the noise in their factory, the Safety Officer said:-

” Your solution achieved a huge 24 dBA noise reduction and cost £33,000 less than the acoustic enclosures we were planning to fit over our machines.  Furthermore, your solution avoided the major disadvantage of noise enclosures, that they would have severely restricted access for loading and off-loading our product. We are delighted with your solution.”

Benefits over Acoustic Enclosure

Our solutions reduce the noise at source.  The major benefits of choosing our solutions instead of a noise enclosure include:-

Low cost : Factories can save thousands of pounds by choosing a solution that reduces the noise at source instead of purchasing acoustic enclosures.

Access : The difficulties of restricted access and visibility often cause operators to leave acoustic enclosure doors or panels open and this can severely impair the amount of noise reduction achieved by the enclosure.  Sometimes there is little or no noise reduction when enclosure doors or panels are left open.

For more details of the benefits of choosing alternative solutions to acoustic enclosures see how to reduce noise at work

There are more examples of our “at source” solutions on industrial noise reduction.

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