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Sound Deadening Solutions - Industrial

For details and examples of the sound reduction solutions and services we provide for industrial machines, fans, blowers, etc., click on the links below:-

Noise at Work

Noise Nuisance

Reduce Fan Noise

Examples: Noise at Work

Examples: Noise Nuisance

Noise at Work Regulations

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Reduction in noise for dust extraction fan

Sound Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Companies

We offer a range of sound deadening solutions for reducing the noise from industrial machines, fans, air conditioners, blowers, etc. A major benefit of our specialist sound deadening solutions is their low installation cost. This can save companies thousands of pounds. This, coupled with their high noise reduction, has made our sound solutions highly popular.

Our industrial sound deadening solutions have been applied to numerous types of machine, successfully reducing noise in the workplace and helping companies to comply with the noise at work regulations. Our solutions have successfully solved many noise nuisance problems where the sound from fans, industrial machines, air conditioners and other equipment was causing nuisance and annoyance to people living near a factory or commercial office. Many of our specialist sound deadening solutions provide a much higher noise reduction than other types of solution. Consequently we have solved many noise nuisance problems after other sound reduction methods (from other companies) had been tried, but did not provide sufficient sound reduction to satisfy the complainants.

We can also provide sound solutions for buildings of all types. Our solutions can either reduce the echo and sound levels inside the building using specialist absorption panels, and / or reduce the sound transmitted from or into a building.

We have provided industrial sound deadening solutions for many of the largest and best known companies in the UK and on all types of machine and industry. Although most of our work is for industrial companies, we also provide sound deadening solutions to other types of commercial company, helping them to reduce the noise from fans, blowers, air conditioners, heaters and a wide range of other equipment and machines.

Acoustic solution for office noise

How to get a costing or a sound solution for your noise problem

For a costing or to find out how we can help with a noise problem, please ring us on the number below or click on sound deadening solutions.

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